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Soaps & Shampoos

We bring to our customers a range of herbal products made from natural extracts of exotic herbs in the form of soaps, shampoo and a variety of other products.
Sandal Soap
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Vedica Herbal Sandal Soap with Neem Scrub

We manufacture Vedica Herbal Sandal Soap with neem scrub that are made from natural sandal, aloe vera and neem as natural scrub. These can be availed in packs of 75 gms and packed in 120 units per case. Our herbal soaps have no side effects and are perfect for all skin types.

Vedica Herbal Fairness and moisturizing Soap with     Neem Scrub

Moisturizing soap
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A specially formulated bathing soap for normal and sensitive skin made from precious herbs which are documented in text books of ayurveda. Vedica Herbal Fairness & Moisturizing Soap helps to enhance fairness naturally and also moisturizes the skin. Neem scrub provides natural anti septic and anti bacterial action.
variants of Shampoos
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Variants of Shampoos

we offer a range of shampoos which are infused with various herbs . Our deep moisturizing cream goes into the skin and leaves no wetness on the outside to avoid stickiness. The deep moisturizing cream is specially formulated for deep penetration and excellent moisturizing action.

Vedica Amla shampoo: with amla( Embelica officinalis) which poromote hair growth and makes the hair healthy.

Vedica Herbal shampoo: clears dandruff and repairs damaged hair.

Vedica protein shampoo : nourishes the hair.

We provide our deep moisturizing cream in packages of 50 gms. These packages are put in cases with 240 units.
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